A quick look into Initial Coin Offerings

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the same principle as an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the stocks and shares industry.

Its an early adopters incentive to raise capital for a product that may not even have a full plan yet, but with this higher risk and trust comes very lucrative opportunities in the form of under value coin prices and bonuses.

One of the most famous is NEO, which was historically called AntShares before a re-brand in 2017.

Using this as an example for the possible returns on investment that can be made if you choose a winning ICO from the sea that are available, from date of launch of ICO in October 2015 to date, the return on investment is in the region of 115,000%.

Yes, that’s one hundred and fifteen thousand percent.

Some of the biggest success stories in this field have been EOS, Tezo and Filecoin who all raised over $200,000,000+ in ICO investment before even having a working product or brand success.

Unfortunately these kinds of figures attract scammers (see #avoiding-scams) and there are new ICO’s coming out each and everyday, without the need to have an actual tangible product means people are creating them to take investments and never produce so as always, the golden rule…