Author: VJVijay Sharma is based in Australia and has been involved in cryptocurrency since the beginning of 2017. In that short amount of time, Vijay has built a strong reputation in Australian Crypto scene as an expert Trader and Technical Analyst. An Aerospace Engineer by profession, Vijay taught himself the intricacies of advanced market analytics and trading practices. He is most well known for developing a TradingView Indicator called FOMO. A proven indicator, every user of the FOMO indicator swears by it. Having a strong technical background has helped him master the art of Margin Trading. When he first became serious about trading, Vijay started a public challenge to trade 0.1 BTC and turn it into 1 BTC in 30 days or less. He accomplished this in 9 days. Another higher risk challenge that Vijay took on was to trade 0.1 BTC and turn it into 10 BTC in 30 days or less. Again, Vijay accomplished this feat in just 14 days. All of his trades during these challenges were public for anyone to see. These challenges were done with his personal holdings, were high risk, and Vijay does not advise newer investors to attempt them. By partnering with Tomas, Vijay has recently turned his love for margin trading into a full time profession